Once upon a time…

…There was a young French stylist who loved, amongst other things, to bake pretty things in the kitchen - without ever forgetting to put la cerise sur le gâteau (the cherry on the cake), bien sûr.

What is her name, I hear you ask. It is Anne Hubert. And, since she can remember, she dreamt of transforming her dull and ordinary kitchen textiles and home linen into poetic and colourful accessories to her sweet, culinary creations.

And this is where the story of La Cerise sur le Gâteau (or, I should say ‘recipe’), begins. Please follow step by step:

1) Source your ingredients (ehem, ‘textiles’) from local specialists. In Alsace and the Vosges in France, or perhaps in Brittany. Even in Portugal. But not further afield…

2) Choose your textiles well: savour them, look for something fresh, yet timeless. Traditional French prints, such as toile de jouy and toile à matelas, as well as cotton, linen and liberty prints. Never forget the composition and the origin, only select the best, and for the kids, go organic.

3) Leave to settle over night.

4) The following day, add a sprinkle of your favourite screen-prints: your best shoes, a French cyclist or a collection of French moustaches. Add a touch of embroidery and nostalgic memories of your childhood.

5) Carefully drizzle with fluorescent colours; always remember to let your imagination run free.

6) Mix it all up with a pinch of humour.

7) When finished, ask your favourite baker (ehem, manufacturer) in Portugal to help you create more. He’ll be able to bake up lots of brothers and sisters to your first creations.

8) When the time comes, name your creations wisely: Babette, Alice, Jackette, Georges, Josette…

9) And, of course, never forget to sign off with a beautiful cherry on top.

10) Place in the window of the online store, www.lacerisesurlegateau-eshop.com

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